Tuesday, January 20, 2015

Former Everything Bagels space now for rent on 3rd Avenue and NYU

The for lease signs have arrived at the bagel shop, which closed earlier this year in the storefronts of NYU's Third North dorm … on Third Avenue and East 12th Street.

The listing isn't online just yet.

And as we've pointed out, this is Newmark Grubb Knight Frank's third listing here along Third Avenue … two storefronts remain for rent in the base of NYU's Alumni Hall at East Ninth Street.

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Anonymous said...

I suggest we takes bets on how long new businesses will last as in months instead of years.

Ken from Ken's Kitchen said...

Leases are by the semester.

Anonymous said...

I miss the photography store that was in the space Birdbath took over. But people went digital and stopped developing film and that did them in.

Anonymous said...

Everything Bagels kind of sucked.

Anonymous said...

Has anything really lasted in that Third Ave North building? There was a decent hardware store there for a while, but there's an awful lot of turnover in that building. At least the dorm to the south has stores that stick around for a little longer.

Anonymous said...

@3:26pm: The photo store had a little legal issue b/c they were producing/selling fake ID's, which is part of the reason they are long gone (well, that and digital photography!).

I guess NYU, as landlord, doesn't really "need" the money from any of these retail locations, so it can afford to let them sit vacant for eons.

NYU is wrecking the neighborhood with so many empty storefronts - it's like looking at a failed suburban strip mall. The vacancies are likely b/c of NYU's restrictions on use of the space - no beer sales, etc. - and also the sky-high rents. Thanks for nothing, NYU!

Anonymous said...

ESS-A-BAGEL Come on down!