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Wednesday, September 7, 2011

The Hot Chicks Room lives on!

Last night, as we noted, the Upright Citizens Brigade opened its East Village outpost (dubbed UCBeast) on Avenue A at East Third Street.

So we stopped by to see what was what. And, on the wall in the bar area, in plain view of everyone walking to and from church, school (think of the children!), the leper colony...

The Hot Chicks Room lives!

Well, the sign is a nod to a UCB skit. (Watch it here.) As you're probably painfully aware from this past March, a concerned resident was ready to circulate a petition to have the "Hot Chicks Room" sign removed from above the doorway on Avenue A. As the resident said: "I just find it, for this neighborhood, very inappropriate and repulsive."

[The sign BEFORE UCB removed it]

And eventually the UCBers removed the sign. In a ceremony, UCB alum Amy Poehler, presented the sign to Earth Matter on Governors Island, where the sign is presumably now offending a compost learning center.

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Tuesday, April 19, 2011

UCB's new sign now dictating how we should live our lives

As the Times reported on Friday, the Upright Citizens Brigade donated the old "Hot Chicks Room" sign to a nonprofit...

And now, check out the new sign that has taken the place of the "Chicks" here on Avenue A at Third Street ...

This new sign, of course, is an outrage. Not everyone wants to live comedy. We need to be free to live our own lives. This is just another example of the current oppressive state of America, in which our lives are ruled by government, Big Business and comedy clubs. We need to be able to exercise the freedoms that our constitution calls for. So don't live comedy, live as you see fit. Live drama!

And another thing... [Looking off page...]

Oh. You mean LIVE as in "actually being performed at the time of hearing or viewing"?

Never mind then.

So what's the over/under on someone having a problem with this sign?

Friday, April 15, 2011

'Hot Chicks Room' sign will now bring ruin to compost

Dave Itzkoff at the Times reports on an impromptu ceremony outside the future Upright Citizens Brigade home on Avenue A today. Amy Poehler, a star of “Parks and Recreation” and a founding member of UCB, presented the founding directors of the nonprofit group Earth Matter with that darn "Hot Chicks" sign. Per the article:

The sign will decorate a compost learning center run by Earth Matter on Governors Island. This “Hot Chicks Room” will feature a greenhouse containing chickens who, in their own way, will teach visitors about the nutrient cycle and waste-reduction practices and help create a fertile soil additive for the island.


[Fred R. Conrad/The New York Times]

Wednesday, April 6, 2011


Despite the fact that workers removed the sign... a tipster passes along a note that someone placed outside the UCB HQ on Avenue A today...

Likely just a gag or a jab... Or both! A GagJab!

Our long neighborhood nightmare is over! The 'Hot Chicks Room' sign is gone (sort of)

The sign came down yesterday...

[Photo by RyanAvenueA]

Actually, workers just flipped the sign around... you can still see the hot pink letters...

In any event. Long live the Hot Chicks Room sign!

And from the EV Grieve gift basket (sorry, not available in cargo shorts)

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Breaking: UCB will remove the 'Hot Chicks Room' sign!

Thursday, March 31, 2011

Uh-oh — more chicks invading the East Village!

Dan Nguyen spotted the Peeps Mobile on First Avenue between 10th Street and 11th Street the other night. From Eye Heart New York. (H/T Neighborhoodr)

Wednesday, March 16, 2011

[Updated] Your 'Hot Chicks Room' sign update

As mentioned Monday night, a resident is circulating a petition (where, I have no idea) to have the "Hot Chicks Room" sign removed from the incoming new home of the Upright Citizens Brigade on Avenue A at Third Street...

Via e-mail, I asked Alex Sidtis, managing director of the UCB in Chelsea, for his reaction... and about a possible opening date.

"We've gotten a lot of positive attention and support from the community so I'm not sure where the ire is coming from," he said. "The fact as the matter is that no one who has a problem with this sign has personally come forward and talked to me about this sign. We are shocked there is a petition going around over this but are eager to understand the cause for concern."

(He said he'd be happy to talk about the sign with any concerned residents. The UCB main number is 212-366-9176.)

After our e-mail exchange, he spoke with CB3 District Manager Susan Stetzer about the sign, and will have further discussions with her about it.

"We really aren't trying to be straight up offensive, and it feels really surreal," he said.

Meanwhile, he also said that no one involved with the UCB placed the signs on the East Village mailbox.

And! As for an opening date... soon...

"We're eagerly awaiting clearance from the city to open and start booking shows."


Patrick Hedlund has more on this story at DNAinfo:

Angry local residents have recently taken their complaints to the local community board and even 311 after the sign went up near the comedy troupe's forthcoming space near East 3rd Street, said CB 3 district manager Susan Stetzer.

"The issue that that has been expressed to me is that they feel like it looks like 1970s Times Square," said Stetzer, who lives on East 3rd Street near the space and agreed with grumbling residents that the sign wouldn't discourage the hordes of rowdy bar-goers that regularly flood the block.

Stetzer's building-mate is even starting a petition to get the sign taken down.

"I just find it, for this neighborhood, very inappropriate and repulsive," said Felicia Catgiano, 66, who noted there is an elementary school and church just up the block.

"We don't need a sign like this here. This is a neighborhood — this is not the Red Light District."

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