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Monday, July 1, 2019

At long last a taxi relief stand for East Houston and 1st Street outside Punjabi Grocery & Deli

With the arrival of the new M14 SBS route today comes another important change: The arrival at long last of a taxi relief stand on Houston Street as well as on First Street between Avenue A and First Avenue...

For a little history... the never-ending East Houston Reconstruction Project finally wrapped up at the end of 2018 — just six years behind schedule.

For nearly nine years, the construction zone eliminated parking spaces for cab drivers, who are a sizable share of Punjabi Grocery & Deli's business here at 114 E. First St., rendering it nearly impossible for them to stop in for a meal or break. Those who did stop faced getting a ticket.

[EVG photo from 2015]

Community members came together in 2014 ... and later in 2015 to petition Community Board 3 and the city for an interim taxi relief stand. (The taxi relief stand was inexplicably some hot-potato issue among various city agencies at the time.)

The temporary taxi relief stand finally arrived on Avenue A between Second Street and Houston in June 2015. That spot on First Avenue outside the Library and Boulton & Watt is, as of today, now an M14A stop.

Now, hopefully, the First Street taxi relief stand will be here to stay — at least until construction picks up next door at 118 First Ave., where a 9-story residential building (with ground-floor retail) is in the works.

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