Tuesday, August 5, 2008

Wishing you a happy National Underwear Day

As the National Underwear Day Web site says:

Since its inception in 2003, National Underwear Day has been received by the media and the public with great enthusiasm. In the past, we've invaded Times Square each August with scores of gorgeous models to run what started out as a renegade sidewalk fashion show and later became one of the most highly-anticipated fashion events of the year.

This year, to commemorate the sixth anniversary, we're bringing the celebration indoors to the glamorous Espace venue, where a growing crowd of National Underwear Day loyalists, including media and international tastemakers, will enjoy an evening cocktail party atmosphere and a full-fledged fashion show.

You heard it. Full-fledged!

[Photo of Becks from the High Line via the High Line blog]


Jeremiah Moss said...

how do you find this stuff?

EV Grieve said...

Oh, don't tell me you didn't know? Well, I think I can pull a few strings and get you a ticket for tonight's full-fledged fashion show! (As long as you don't mind sitting next to Lydia Hearst...)

Anonymous said...

I guess the yunnies won't be celebrating this ,since they don't wear any underwear.

Tia said...

Hi Grieve,

Wow! This is news to me! National Underwear Day?? Cool!

Did you know that there's an Undie Awards that happens every year? Yep... "The Undie Awards"! It's held by "Herroom.com." My name's Tia and I'm the Community Manager for Herroom.

Every year Herroom has the Undie Awards, a revealing look at America's favorite underwear. The Undie Awards honors the best (and worst) in men's and women's intimate apparel. Unfortunately, the awards are over but I do have a list of the ”Best Summer Bras” as voted on by American Women in the Undie Awards for average and full figured women. I would love if you blog about it. May I send you the list?


groan said...

I am soo tired of this dick head Beckham