Thursday, November 13, 2008


Speaking of Time Out's bar guide, here are the five East Village places they selected as "the best for winter":

Blind Pig

Bourgeois Pig


Grape and Grain

Section 8

Hmm. Reaction?


Anonymous said...

I hope everyone that reads TONY spends all winter at those bars, and lets the rest of us enjoy the actual good ones.

Blind Pig? Really?

EV Grieve said...

Yes! Hear, hear!

Anonymous said...

Meh list.

What/where is Blind Pig?

Anonymous said...

Only heard of one of these--where is section 8--I have a friend with a voucher==
as for gastronomy--mushroom foam--ugh--puke

lvv said...

Section 8 is on Avenue A between 13th and 14th, on the east side of the street just south of the deli on the corner.

I am being overly specific because there's no signage (although I did see dudes with measuring tape sizing the awning when I was drying my nails at the manicurist across the street -- this was Monday).

Also because the bar is owned by Lauren from Phoenix (13th Street @ A), and she and the people who work there are all awesome. Stop in and say hi to Jeff, Eddie, Chris, Robert (Flow Rider), and Drew for me!

lvv said...

Also, EV, your link goes to a different story (about where to drink if you've been laid off). Here's the URL


EV Grieve said...

Thanks for the correct link, apologies...And I didn't realize Lauren was involved with Section 8..I'm a big fan of the Phoenix and Nowhere...

lvv said...

No need for apologies! Although now I wonder if we know each other -- I used to live at Phoenix and Nowhere!