Monday, November 17, 2008

Happening by the Holland

Since Jeremiah broke the news on Nov. 4 that the Holland may be gone for good, there has been plenty of chitchat among my circle of friends about the bar. Meanwhile, Brooks paid a visit to the getting-gutted bar and passed along some possibly good news that the Holland may reopen in the new year. By pure randomness, I happened to be by the ass-end of Port Authority Friday after work. I walked by the Holland on Ninth Avenue. It wasn't pretty.

Three workers were carrying crap out of the Holland basement and tossing it into the dumpster. Nothing was left inside the space where the bar was. And the workers didn't seem all that pleased that I was nosing around.


Brooks of Sheffield said...

Thanks for the update, EV. One question, though: did you notice if the "Holland Bar" neon sign was still on the wall? I think as long as that is there, there's hope the bar will return.

Anonymous said...

Hi Brooks. Damn! I didn't get a good enough look inside to say with any certainly that the sign was off the wall...the gate was about halfway down...But! My gut tells me there was nothing left in the place.