Wednesday, November 5, 2008

"Think SoHo"

Gothamist has a Q-and-A today with Robert Prichard, who worked the door at the Pyramid in the 1980s before opening Surf Reality’s House Of Urban Savages in 1993. He's getting ready to unveil Queensbridge Theater in Long Island City.

Having been priced out of Manhattan, where do you see the Lower East Side/East Village area in 5 or 10 years from now? Think SoHo. The community board is already telling bars and lounges that are up for Liquor License renewals that they will only give their support if the bar agrees to closing at 1 a.m. Look for more boutiques, national & international chains like Gucci and expensive restaurants.

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SoHoGuy said...

Think SoHo is right:

Think quiet streets at night, think no vomit or screaming from drunken B&T jerks at 2 a.m.

Think the most expensive residences in the country, and the second highest retail rents in the city.
Think: rowdy bars mean lower property values.

Think SoHo, where the pioneers who reside here claim their turf and scare away any who would try to ruin it.

Think SoHo, and stay the hell out. mother*ucker!