Wednesday, December 2, 2009

238 E. Fourth St. continues its steady progress

Back in August, I noted the rather impressive progress at 238 E. Fourth St. between Avenue A and Avenue B where the former one-level construction company was razed to become a $4 million penthouse by the world-famous Bob and Cortney Novogratz.

The construction netting is off...and the new tenants will be ready to move in by, say, Dec. 15. Well, maybe not. Anyway, onward and upward and stuff...

As a Curbed commenter said about site:

[A]t least they didn't kill the beautiful old tree that in the back of the property between the yards of 3rd and 4th streets. Our new rich neighbors will get to enjoy the loud bar's garden in the backyard of 3rd St bar, the loud bars on Ave. B between 2 & 4. I hope they enjoy paying millions of dollars for all the "color and charm" of the East Village. Welcome to the fuckin neighborhood.

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glamma said...

the world famous *BOB* is building this? really?