Wednesday, December 16, 2009

Union Square getting burritofied

Here's the proof that a Chipotle Mexican Grill is, in fact, coming soon to the Zeckendorf Towers on the northwest corner of Irving Place and 14th Street.

Will be right next door to the new Bravo Pizza.

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Bravo Pizza coming to Union Square


~evilsugar25 said...

damn. much prefer qdoba. also, too bad for dos toros around the corner on 4th. those guys are cool, but you know folk (especially out towners) default to the chains.

Anonymous said...

There's already one at the top of Union Square on Broadway! How many oversize, oversalted burrittos do we need in one area?

Maybe it's because you can't walk very far after eating one?

Nowooski said...

Don't forget the Subway that is going in next to the new pizza place too. A Chain-food revolution on the east side of Union Square.