Thursday, December 24, 2009

Walking on 14th Street: Nordstrom setting a date; Baked by Melissa and Subway coming soon

Maybe I should walk on 14th Street near Union Square more often. Or not.

Noticed that a Baked By Melissa shop is coming to 14th Street just east of Fifth Avenue. She bakes tiny cupcakes.

You know that the Nordtrom Racked store is opening at the former Virgin Megastore location... Now a date has been set for the opening: May 11, 2010. (And will they actually make that date?)

And the city's 8,976th Subway is opening right along the Chipotle and Bravo Pizza in the Zeckendorf Towers on the northwest corner of Irving Place and 14th Street.

EV Grieve reader Nowooski pointed this out the other day...


Ken Mac said...

i love all these chain stores. Makes me feel like I'm back in good old, boring, plain white, stock car loving, bank and insurance company filled NC!

prodigal son said...

I'm in Union Square last week, and I'm kind of curious now. What is NOT a chain store in this area? I can come up with Coffee House, and the 119 and Belmont bars on 15th Street. I think Bluewater Grill is still around. What else am I missing?