Thursday, December 31, 2009

Year-end self serve

There were nearly 2,500 posts on EV Grieve this year. Here are a few of them... And none of these would have really worked without your comments...thanks for being part of this site...

LeSouk has really closed (Nov. 2)

Mars Bar regulars get in the way of a Drew Barrymore photo shoot (Oct. 19)

The Times goes to the Mars Bar with one of those guys who's in "Gossip Girl" (Oct. 17)

Reading reviews of Tompkins Square Park on Yelp (Oct. 15)

Updated! Mysterious, low-flying helicopter returns... (Oct. 12)

The summer of pink shirts (Sept. 23)

Page Six Magazine says the Bowery calls to mind "an L.A. vibe" (Sept. 11)

East 12th Street now home to "THE ONLY REAL FRAT HOUSE AT NYU!" (Sept. 9)

A note for the people on the terrace tossing sandals and doing things that "should be done in private" (Aug. 17)

Observations from last night's noisy bars meeting (Aug. 13)

Aces & Eight GM offers some clarification on previous posts, comments (Aug. 4)

Uh-oh (July 22)

Work on Upright Citizens Brigade Theatre begins at former Two Boots space (July 2)

At Superdive (June 26)

CB3 didn't approve a liquor license for Superdive; "a nice neighborhood Internet café-bookstore" becomes a bar with keg service at tables (June 24)

East Village, please meet your new nightmare (June 18)

The Hells Angels kindly request that hotel guests please refrain from sitting on their bench (June 16)

Residents discuss the problems created by the Cooper Square Hotel: Meanwhile, across the street, a party for a sports car (June 3)

So this guy walks into the Mars Bar in a green shirt with a pink sweater around his shoulders... (May 29)

Pearl Theatre relocating; what's next for 80 St. Mark's Place? (May 28)

Bar threatens to call cops on a Thursday afternoon because some girls were standing in line to get free prom dresses next door (May 21)

Looking at the LES: "Those bridge-and-tunnel places are what made this area better" (March 5)

Why people move away (Feb. 4)

The Chocolate Wars (well, not at all, but we needed something that sounds CONTROVERSIAL) (Jan. 23)

An EV Grieve investigative report: In search of the Penistrator (Jan. 20)


NYCDreamin said...

You've had a great year and I enjoy reading every day - you're one of the few who actually posts on the weekends! Best wishes for a Happy 2010 to you and Mrs. Grieve from the Gorgeous One and myself.

Barbara L. Hanson said...

Happy New Year, Grieve!

Jeremiah Moss said...

what a year. it's great to see the highlights collected in one place. happy new year, keep pounding that pavement, and let's hope the next decade is better than the last in the EV.

esquared™ said...

you forgot one pic...the east village is dead mural on mars bar--classic

surely hope you solve the mystery of the penistrator next year

EastVillageFeed said...

Thanks for the great year, EVG! Looking forward to 2010.

EV Grieve said...

Thanks, everyone...Happy 2010 as well.

@esquared. Oh, I'm predicting a full reveal of The Penistrator in 2010...

Ken Mac said...

keep kicking ass and taking names