Monday, December 7, 2009

Important news about models who may be moving in near you

According to BlockShopper, Serbian-born model Natasa Vojnovic bought a one-bedroom, two-bath condo at 115 Fourth Ave. for $995,000 in the eight-story Petersfield condominiums near 12th Street. She has worked for Chanel, Calvin Klein, Gucci, Yves Saint Laurent ... and Lenny Kravitz, appearing in the laughable "Where Are We Runnin?" video.

And according to her SuperModel page, she was born in 2005.


Anonymous said...

Great photo (not). So now the neighborhood is going to emaciated five-year olds? I suppose guys think that she's sexy.

Jill said...

I know somebody who lives in that building. The apartments are pretty fab.