Wednesday, December 16, 2009


As we mentioned yesterday, the Post checked in with a piece on the temp Max Fish outpost in Miami for Art Basel. According to the Justin Rocket Silverman at the Post:

While the Lower East Side has transformed into a gentrified playground, the Overtown neighborhood home of the new Max Fish has a long, long way to go. Yet that hasn’t stopped thousands of art and booze fans from descending on the new location. If anything, the dangerous surroundings make it a more authentic Max Fish experience.

The folks at the Miami New Times were a little amused by all this. A few thoughts from writer Kyle Munzenrieder:

According to the New York Post, all the homeless folks, hookers, and crackheads have won us the ultimate compliment: We're more "authentic" than New York now. OK, "authentic" is the ultimate compliment in the world of Hipster Runoff, but still.

The writer, Justin Rocket Silverman, however, seems a little surprised that Miami could be home to a down-and-dirty dive bar. Even though we have our own share of them -- Churchill's, the Club Deuce, and Tobacco Road, to name a few. Maybe one day someone will ship one up to New York. When is your major art fair?

Anyway, with Brooklyn, specifically Williamsburgh -- New York's latest attempt at gritty, authentic, yet culturally relevant neighborhood, now a punch line inhabited by trust-fund kids -- we have to wonder if the vast hipster exodus to Overtown is right around the corner.

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