Tuesday, December 7, 2010

Claim: 123 Third Avenue Reaches 'Sales Milestone' in 'East Union Square'

That's the word from the site Uniques Homes. According to the site:

After just two months on the market, 123 Third Avenue, the 47-unit condominium located on 14th Street and Third Avenue in New York City, is 55-percent sold. Following a sales launch in early September, 26 homes are in contract at the latest residential addition to East Union Square, reports exclusive sales and marketing agent Corcoran Sunshine Marketing Group.


The team surpassed the 50-percent mark at remarkable speed, which “speaks volumes to the desire for homes of this caliber in East Union Square,” said Elaine Diratz, of Corcoran Sunshine Marketing Group. Set at the nexus of Union Square, Greenwich Village, the East Village and Gramercy Park, East Union Square contains some of the best dining, parks, entertainment and shopping. The famed Greenmarket, Momofuku, Pure Food & Wine, Kiehl’s, and ABC Carpet & Home all provide the quintessential shopping and dining experience. New York is a cornucopia of different neighborhoods, but none with more “best of’s” than in East Union Square.


WB said...

Quite an achievement. The Nobel Committee has no doubt taken notice.

blue glass said...

"New York is a cornucopia of different neighborhoods, but none with more “best of’s” than in East Union Square."

the real estate folks are rapidly destroying any vestige of difference with the cold glass towers that replace the architecturally interesting small-scale buildings of the past. soon a pictoral history will be all that's left when the developers are through. how many "differen" neighborhoods can you now identify? textile neighborhood? almost gone. beads and trimmings? old guys mostly gone to be replaced by bead centers and pricey hobby stores. little italy? being eaten up by chinatown. flower district? shrinking. second hand office furniture? gone. canal street stores replaced by trendy stores, restaurants, etc. lets not forget the large chain stores that are replacing the stores that have been around for generations. they've ruined the village and now they are moving on to us.
i am not against progress, diversity, money and education. i am against the wholesale clearing of everything that made new york what it was. a place for everybody. locl people not wealthy tourists and society.

NYC taxi photo said...

East Union Square eh? Pick a name and stick with it, in my book everything east of Park Avenue west of 1st ave, north of 14th south of 23rd is Gramercy, I'd put my foot down, if that mattered. And stop saying Greenwich Village! that's washington square and westward, always has been in my mind since I was 4 yrs old.

But i get it, they're all close by, still it's the real estate agents, cocking geography up as usual, along with all else that's sacred. Oh, and really, who on earth does their daily shopping at ABC Carpet??