Tuesday, December 21, 2010

Upright Citizens Brigade's future home on Avenue A now has stools in bags, so to speak

Just noting the continued progress here on Avenue A near Third Street. Those bar stools may cause a lot of cargo shorts owners to lose stuff out of their multiple-pocketed cargo shorts. (OK, so multiple-pocketed cargo shorts is redundant.) Hope they have a big lost and found.



Anonymous said...

"Stools in bags"

Every dog walker's bane.

Anonymous said...

Do you know if they will be allowing people to enter or congregate on the e 3rd street side? cause i will fuckin flip on these niggas.

Anonymous said...

I had almost forgotten about the imminent invasion of the cargo pants wearing UCB douchebags. Maybe I'll make the best of the situation and set up a concession alongside the fucking sidewalk-clogging line of frat boy, fist pumping "cargo pantsers", and sell them beer bong hats!! FUCK THEM AND THEIR FUCKING CARGO PANTS. The sidewalks of Ave. A and 3rd are not runways for a douchebag fashion show. I've got a suggestion for their improv: Fill the pockets of your cargo pants with cement and throw yourselves in the east river!!!!!

glamma said...

tools on stools?
i too fear these cargo shorts.
no but seriously, i am happy to have an actual art institution join alphabet city.. not bad.

EV Grieve said...

@Glamma Ha. Tools on stools.

The cargo shorts is a joke going back to this post:


Someone had a little fun with the comments.