Thursday, April 14, 2011

The Bowery Wars take to the streets!

From the EV Grieve inbox...

Downtown Art presents The Bowery Wars, Part 1, original music theater of NYC's turbulent past, performed in the streets, April 30-May 22.

In 1903, Tammany Hall burns to retake city hall, while on the streets of the Lower East Side the battle for control of the Bowery between the Five Pointers and the Eastmans explodes in the worst gunfight New York had ever seen. The Bowery Wars, an epic told in two parts, weaves into these historical events the story of two immigrant teens, Romeo and Juliet.

New York City's history is our shared inheritance. The Bowery Wars looks at our city a hundred years ago, when the Lower East Side was the densest place on earth, and poses questions about the will to survive in the face of hardship and violence.

Hope to see you there!!

Actors: Lily Abedin, Michael Andrew, Zen Anton, Alyssa Burgos, Lauren Burgos, Oscar Hallas, Robby Jenkins, Tatiana Jorio, Jarrett Jung, Jeanne Kessira, Geri Kirilova, India Kotis, Alma Moos Nunez, Alice Quinn Makwaia, Max Molishever, Jasai Chase Owens, Jake Paganakis, Shawn Suggs, and Erin Wells

Musicians: Matthew Burgos, Mike Emmerich, Michael Hickey, Zachary Lewellyn, Eugene Rivera

Go here for tix and location.

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