Thursday, April 28, 2011

Seems like old times, except older: 34 Avenue A and 200 Avenue A back on the SLA docket

The folks at CB3 have posted the May meeting schedule, including the docket for the SLA licensing committee... Lots of action again this time around... First, the meeting place and time: SLA & DCA Licensing Committee, Monday, May 16 at 6:30 pm — JASA/Green Residence, 200 East 5th Street at Bowery

A few highlights. (The whole caboodle is here.)

Applications within Resolution Areas

• To Be Determined, 34 Ave A (op)

We're not sure just yet who is looking at trying to revive the former Mo Pitkin's/Aces & Eights space this time around... the same crew with their "performance venue"? A new crew! We'll find out...

• Solo Pizza (Solo Pizza Inc), 27 Ave B (wb)

• Ave B Caffe Buon Gusto Inc., 545 E 5th St (aka 76 Ave B) (wb)


• Paradiso (Paradiso NY LLC), 105 Ave B (wb)

This is the cafe/coffee shop near Seventh St.

• Boxcar Lounge (Oops of New York Inc), 168 Ave B (op)

• Bat Yam Food Services Inc, 97 St. Mark’s Pl (wb)

• To be determined, 14 Ave. B (op)

Well! At one point, various people were going to combine 14-16 Avenue B at Second Street for some massive club bar-restaurant with mama from the old country cooking, etc. However, CB3/SLA always shot down those plans ... and now Discovery Wines is taking the space at 16 Avenue B. And now someone is giving the smaller space at 14 a whirl...

Sidewalk Café Applications

• 26 Seats (Paris Cuisine Inc.), 168 Ave B

• Peels Restaurant (325 Bowery Restaurant LLC), 325 Bowery

• Cacio & Pepe (Peprico Inc.), 182 2nd Ave

Just realized that I've never eater here.


• To be Determined (Not A Bookstore LLC), 200 Ave A (trans/op) (Superdive)

The art gallery with a full liquor license is back. Last month, the committee told them to do more (and better!) community outreach.

• To Be Determined (Epicurean Management), 11 E 1st St (trans/op) (Bowery Wine)

Something new in store for the Bowery Wine Company? A quick flashback to the BWC protest in 2008.

• To be Determined, 500 E 11th St (trans/op) (Angels & Kings)

Another reject from last meeting. The committee told them to do more (and better!) community outreach.

• Hop Devil Grill, 125-129 St. Marks Pl (trans/op)

• To Be Determined (Evir Corp), 117 Second Ave (trans/wb)

Dunno what's going on here... this is now 7.2 at the corner of Seventh Street... onetime home of the Kiev...

New Liquor License Applications

• Led Zeppole (Arti Restaurant & Catering Group), 328 E 14th St (wb)

• The Toucan & The Lion (Type A Goods LLC), 342 E 6th St (op)

What's with the names these days? And this is the entity taking over the Mara's Homemade space.


Cat Sitter in the City said...

I wish I could take my signature off that Superdive/now we're an art gallery petition I signed. It really bugs me that the girls were telling me they were creating an art gallery. I had no idea it was an art gallery with a liquor license, and I wonder if they duped others in the same way.

esquared™ said...

would love to see an outdoor seating at 26 seats -- they only have a beer and wine license (a modest wine list), after-all, and its clienteles are mostly conscientious, thus respectful, of the fact that they are in a residential neighborhood

the only problem with them getting an outdoor seating is that they won't have 26 seats anymore -- they'll have more....

blueglass said...

i just can't understand why the "to be determine" is allowed. they are so picky about the signatures being from the block (most of the time), and how the place will be operated, but to not care about the corporate entity that will "be determined" just pisses me off.
and so many applications are in this limbo.
and this bar in gallery, theater thing is getting out of hand. ps122, theater for the new city, etc. if they can't make it on ticket sales something is wrong.
ps122 evicted the day care, in part, to the need for more space for their bar.

Joe Dirt said...

What kind of beer goes well with a canoli and zeppole?

Also, doesn't look like 141 Chrystie is on the docket:

Joe Dirt said...

Also, it'll be amusing to see what Aces & Eights has planned. I wonder if they'll be up there for 2 hours like the meeting two months ago.

Cookiepuss said...

@ Cat Sitter please come to the meeting and say what you say above. A little goes a long way. One person can make a difference. Please join us in opposition at the meeting. This is so urgent and important. Your voice is important. People are taking advantage of our neighborhood and coming at us from every which angle. Thanks.

Cookiepuss said...

I haven't been involved with with the whole Superdive thing but after last months proposal and now they are back again, I'm mad. I used to attend meetings years ago but got discouraged. Now the landscape is a million times worse.

Laura Goggin Photography said...

The Toucan & The Lion is the current location of Mara's. I wonder what kind of business they are?

Also, what's up with Marry the Ketchup at 95 First Ave? Work has been going on in that space, but the For Rent sign is still up.

muchtoomuch said...

For all wondering what will become of 34 Avenue A, this is what I heard from East Village Radio:

Grieve said...


Thanks... the CB3/SLA shot down that concept at the March meeting.

Rocky Raccoon said...

@ catsitter - please send an e-mail to CB 3 at and and tell them about your experience with the petition.

This is a common tactic when people try to get a liquor license. They tell you it is going to be a bookstore to get your signature and then it is really a bar. This kinda stuff happens all the time and the CB does not like it when applicants misrepresent themselves to get signatures.

Anonymous said...

Led Zeppole is within 200 feet of a Synagogue. Not eligible for an on premises consumption license.

Anonymous said...

The applicants behind "To be Determined" 34 Avenue A.... providing us with no information is a reflection of their character.

Behind the scenes politicking and back door deals are surely underway.

Lisa said...

And why the hell does a place like Led Zeppole need a wb license anyway? Is there NO kind of establishment any more that doesn't want to sell hooch? Are thrift stores going to start ululating for the right to ply their clientele with liquor? WTF?

Anonymous said...

The health food store on Ludlow Street Earth Matters actually has beer on tap. Some members of the CB3 SLA committee are either on the board of or members of the NYC Nightlife Association. They are unfairly pushing for any kind of license at any kind of establishment. They are a major factor in the take over of our neighborhood. Some of them are involved in land use and zoning as well. CB3 chair Dominic Pisciotta loves all of this. Pigs. The owners of Earth Matters also happen to be real estate investors.

RyanAvenueA said...

If it's any consolation, everyone's favorite absentee leaseholder Jevan Demanian apparently has nothing to do with 34A anymore. Trying to get more details.

Anonymous said...

Of course he doesn't then how could the others proceed.