Saturday, April 30, 2011

Breaking: Workers clearing out Amato Opera on the Bowery

Last July, CB3 gave its blessing for the owners of the V Bars to open a "bar/restaurant/theater experience" in the former Amato Opera on the Bowery.

However, as DNAinfo recently reported, no work has been done on the space and its remains on the market.

Which is why we're curious about this photo @sandwichboarder sent along of workers clearing out the space this afternoon... Perhaps this is the start of the "theater experience"?



Lisa said...

Would that "bar" were not the first word in the description...

Ken from Ken's Kitchen said...

Bar bubble? Phooey!

By blending creativity and innovative technological advancements, the talented corps of Imagineers in charge of "Development" and "Revitalization' of the East Village and Bowery can turn any old parking garage, beauty parlor, or opera company into an exciting new "bar/restaurant/parking" or "bar/restaurant/beauty" or "bar/restaurant/theater experience" that the neighborhood can't possibly have enough of! The possibilities are limitless!

Michael said...

I photographed part of the demolition of the Amato and the scavenging of items by passersby.

The link is here: