Tuesday, April 5, 2011

EV Grieve Etc: Mourning Edition

[Books for sale on Avenue A]

More on the new CB3 members (DNAinfo)

The worms are taking shape on the Bowery (Curbed)

The "secret" theaters below the Show Follies (Jeremiah's Vanishing NY)

A gruesome mob hit at a Midtown Starbucks (Ephemeral New York)

How living in New York City keeps you young (Runnin' Scared)

Welcoming a new blog to the uh, blogosphere (Capturing Staten Island)

A new fake store on Ludlow (BoweryBoogie)

What's replacing the Water Taxi Beach at the Seaport (Eater)

And yesterday, as these photos by Bobby Williams show, workers were making a delivery to Police Service Area 4 on Avenue C at Eighth Street...

Was just curious what was in the boxes!


Goggla said...

Leg lamps!

nygrump said...

Your tax dollars at work, for those of you who do pay taxes.

Marty Wombacher said...

I bet they're filled with monsters. The police are trying to control the invasion...and failing miserably.

Anonymous said...

Someone said it was Bedbug spray with all the spring cleanup

Roger_Paw said...

They're components of the NYPD Robo Cop uniform.

Anonymous said...

Is this the new new RIOT gear for the summer season on the row?