Thursday, April 7, 2011

EV Grieve Etc: Mourning Edition

[Photo by Bobby Williams]

There are a lot of rats on the Lower East Side (Daily News)

And what happens in 20 years, after ‘N.Y.U. 2031’? (The Villager)

St. Mark's Place streetscenes (Nadie Se Conoce)

About NYC's lack of growth (Jeremiah's Vanishing NY)

Who isn't a sucker for really big dogs? (BoweryBoogie)

Buy Tatum O'Neal's LES condo (Curbed)

Reading Allen Ginsberg’s Moloch (Patell and Waterman’s History of New York)

Not guilty plea in 14th Street parking assault case (The Local East Village)

New tenant for for former Cinema Nolita space on Mulberry? (NYC the Blog)

Edgar Allan Poe’s Upper West Side farmhouse (Ephemeral New York)

Macaulay Culkin stars in a bizarre new Adam Green film (NME)

Reminder: A Rally for Information Freedom this afternoon at City Hall. (More info here)

And Blue Glass noted that workers dismantled the exterior of Cafe Centosette on Second Avenue and 10th Street yesterday...


glamma said...

i just cannot get over what a skumbag that parking guy is. i can't BELIEVE he's pleading not guilty. i hope they throw the f*cking book at him. and, if not, karma will serve him right.

Larry Slade said...

Downloading The Wrong Ferrari right now.
I watched a minute of it and love the post dubbed voice technique.
Thanks for the tip.