Sunday, April 3, 2011

Marking the 20th-anniversary of the missing heads

From the April 2, 1991 New York Times:

Whoever it was who stole a box from Dr. William Portnoy's car in the East Village before dawn yesterday got a nasty surprise.

Six parts of human heads, some with recognizable facial features, were in a cardboard box stolen from the car's trunk and then left in a gutter at St. Mark's Place and Second Avenue.

A cabdriver, Gheorghe Casas, saw a crowd around the box and stopped to see what the fuss was about. He turned the box over to the police.

Here's a screengrab of an AP story on the matter:


Lisa said...

Those were the days when St. Marks and Second anchored one end of the old Thieves Market, which stretched from in front of Gem Spa down to Third Street - if you were robbed you could usually go over there and find your stuff for sale on a ratty blanket. I ga-ron-tee that whoever nicked that box thought there was probably some good stuff in it to sell, but I don't think even the populace of 1991 East Village would have been interested (unless Daniel Rakowitz had walked by). Ah, the good old days in the neighborhood!

booleanorama said...

I remember when this happened. Happy memories!

Ken from Ken's Kitchen said...

Ha ha. Nothing spells b-i-g ticket item like a box marked "sinus endoscopy class."