Wednesday, April 13, 2011

Missing East Village teen found safe

Alexander Vorlicky, 14, who disappeared from his parents' East 10th Street home on Sunday, has been found unharmed, the NYPD said. No other details are known at the moment.

There are reports at DNAinfo ... and Runnin' Scared ...


Roger_Paw said...

Thank god. I felt such dread the first time I heard he was missing. I hope everything turns out ok for the little cutie.

Melanie said...

When I saw the Missing Person flyer I was worried about this fellow. I am glad all is well and he is back home.

VH McKenzie said...

Huge relief. Hope all is well.

My youngest daughter is 14 and this missing person poster made me catch my breath when I saw it.

As NYC parents we have to figure out how to give our city kids incremental levels of freedom:

-going next door to the bodega on the block for milk or a snack

-walking to or from from a friend's house after school that required crossing the street alone

-taking a city bus to school and back


By the time they're 14, they've earned your trust and confidence in navigating the city on their own. If you're lucky.

And then you see a poster like the one for Sasha and you lose it all over again.

Thank god he's ok.

Larry Slade said...

I figured he ran off and joined the circus. He probably just needed a break from home.