Monday, April 18, 2011


Meet the new Iggy Pop doll now at Toys R Us. Expected to ship June 3.

Via Gothamist. H/T @sisario


Lisa said...

Pardon me a moment while I pick my jaw up from where it fell on the floor.

Saw Iggy and the Stooges in Phoenix in 1974 on the Raw Power tour, opening for Dr. John. My friends and I were literally the only ones in the audience there to see them, and you would have thought the Dr. John audience was being subjected to ritual torture, disembowelment and burning at the stake the way they reacted to their set. And now they're selling his doll in Toys-R-Us? The world IS coming to an end!

Tom said...

OT (a little): So this guy who looks like Iggy Pop (but he's not) sings "Wild World" to a girl on the Paris Metro. This is one of my favorite videos. Check out the girl's reaction. Reminds me of how much more enjoyable music can be in small or intimate settings.

Goggla said...

WTF? He looks like he's been molded from stale silly putty!

Marty Wombacher said...

When the GG Allin doll comes out, I hope they put a diaper on him. He could be a little sloppy, if you know what I mean.

Ken from Ken's Kitchen said...

So messed up
I want you here
In my room
I want you here
Well c'mon!

nygrump said...

I hope I have that energy when I'm 63...Iggy and Keef - god bless 'em - rocknroll won't die too quick! Even Mick looks pretty good for a senior.

Anonymous said...

Does it come with a hypodermic and peanut butter ??