Friday, April 1, 2011

Which NYC neighborhood has the most happy hours? (One guess!)

We somehow missed this item at Grub Street Wednesday evening. It's info from a Happy Hours app via Village Voice Media. From Grub Street:

Using co-developer’s database of 972 happy hours in Manhattan, the Voice came up with a “happy hour density” (i.e., happy hours per square blocks) in various Manhattan neighborhoods south of Harlem. ... Not surprisingly, the East Village has the most happy hours, so expect to see this graphic presented as “Exhibit A” in a heated Community Board 3 meeting soon!

[Image via Grub Street]


S said...

phew! My secret amazing happy hour of non-douchebags/EV residents is safe once again.

Anonymous said...

Wow i guess the benches in the row don't count this time of year

Ken from Ken's Kitchen said...

People often tell me, "Ken, happiness is a choice.” Indeed. A choice between happy hour at the Surnburnt Cow or Doc Holliday's!

Give me chic haunts and the glamorous life any day!