Friday, April 1, 2011

Your Chloe Sevigny-free roster of new Community Board 3 members

From the EV Grieve inbox...

Manhattan Borough President Scott M. Stringer [yesterday] announced the 2011 appointees to Manhattan’s 12 Community Boards. The City Charter mandates that all Community Board appointments be made by April 1, and this year’s selection continues the trend toward greater diversity and expertise that began when President Stringer first took office.

“I have been committed to energizing and revitalizing Manhattan’s 12 Community Boards since taking office in 2006, and I am proud that this year’s appointees reflect these priorities,” said Stringer. “Today, our community boards are platforms for robust discussion of neighborhood issues and vehicles for ZZzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz [editor's note].”

Anyway! here's the list of the Community Board 3 members... the names of the new appointees are in bold.

In case you can't make out the bold names...

Gary Tai
Charlotte Miles
David Conn
Natasha Dillon
Karen Blatt
Carlina Rivera
Jack Waters

And, as you noticed, no Chloe Sevigny!


Ken from Ken's Kitchen said...

Hmmm...this might explain it.

Chloe tells Playboy what she looks for in a Community Board: "I want a board that's masculine, good with their hands and able to build consensus. Facial hair is a big turn-on. Most of the Community 3 board members seem like hipster arty types, but I like 'em stronger, more physically imposing, like lumberjacks. I'm also into a little hair pulling. I like members to be aggressive and allow me to be a little aggressive back."

Shawn Chittle said...

Congrats to the new members!

Eden Bee said...

@Ken. Har!