Monday, August 1, 2011

Looking at the slim August CB3/SLA agenda: Heathers up for renewal; Plump Dumpling wants beer and wine

The CB3/SLA docket is now live... and it's pretty lean — 16 items in all.

And, for people curious about a new place from Mars Bar owner Hank Penza, there's nothing on this agenda that fits that description ...

The meeting is next Monday at 6:30 pm — JASA/Green Residence - 200 East 5th Street at Bowery

And now a few of the items of interest:

Renewals with complaints
• Heathers, (Ariel, Inc) 506 E 13 st (op)

Heathers went before the CB3/SLA committee in September 2009 ... and there was a lengthy discussion. The Times checked in with a lengthy article in January 2007 about the ongoing noise issues between the bar and neighbors.

Owner Heather Millstone opened Veronica People's Club in Greenpoint last summer.

Applications within Resolution Areas
• St. Marks Red House, TDD & G LLC, 126 St Marks Pl (wb)

The former Why? Curry space ... now Lychee... soon to be called The East Village Red House. We'll have more on this one later.

• Preserve 24 (Aegis Holding Houston LLC), 175-177 E. Houston St (alt/op)

• BOP (Peels) Radley Realty Corp, 325 Bowery (alt,reorg)

New Liquor License Applications
• Plump Dumpling (Big Dumpling Corp), 174 2nd Ave (op)

The Plumpsters, who brought in Yummy House, are looking to serve alcohol ...

• Basketball City, Ark Basketball City Corp, Pier 36 at 299 South St (op)

Wow. This one will whip up some drama. This is the former Office of Emergency Management ... The Lo-Down has background on this controversial rec center...

• TBD, Asian Chef Express Inc, 96 3rd Ave (wb)

• TBD, Ichibantei LLC, 401 E 13th St (wb)

This is the the eatery that serves a range of Japanese "soul food" just east off First Avenue ...

• Hot Kitchen (Hot Kitchen Inc ), 104 2nd Ave (wb)

This is the former Matsukado ... that closed six months after taking over the old Baluchi's space ... Hot Kitchen? Perhaps this will be the "modern Australian" place from Morgan McGlone, the former private chef and caterer on the Upper East Side?

• Quality Meats Downtown (Mozzarella Sticks LLC), 199 Bowery (op)

BoweryBoogie has the scoop on what's in the works for this place.


Anonymous said...

I remember that story in the NY Times about Heather's. I just re-read it. I feel really bad for the two gentlemen who live above the bar. I can't believe you are allowed to open a bar in a residential building. It really sucks for the poor people who have lived in the building for years and then have to deal with all the noise and vibrations from the music. The girl who owns it is incredibly selfish. Like all these bars owners, she is out to make a killing, and it seems like she is if she can afford to open another bar in Williamsburg in this economy.

Anonymous said...

Her camera caught the rapist cops. And if a person was anti bar, I have no idea why they would live in the EV. It has always been a night owl neighborhood. (10th street artists) Heather actually has doormen that make sure their customers smoke on the corner. This IS the block that had secret Brownies, I mean come on, wasted people stumbled up and down 13th at ALL hours for 10 years prior to her arrival. At least they close at 4.

Kurt said...

@Anon 12:52 - agreed with everything you said and I just wanted to point out Heather's is in the same spot previously occupied by Brownie's. Brownie's was an after-hours coke den that sold two things. Beer in a can and coke.

Anonymous said...

that was my point- Heather's is NOT Brownies, and the guys above lived there during Brownies occupation. I would say Heather's is a BIG improvement. The owner is not a snot nosed money grabber as the first poster tried to imply. And I actually dislike most of her friends and clients! But I call it like I see it, and attacking her is flat out wrong. I cant believe I am defending her, but I refuse to accept slander even if I don't like a person.