Sunday, August 28, 2011

First Avenue around 9:40 a.m.

Near Ninth Street.

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starzstylista said...

I am sure this is just like a lot of developes would like to see the EV, before they raze it.

I tried to go to the movies yesterda. They were all closed owing to the inability of colleged-educated minimum-wage hourly workers to get into Manhattan. One kid, who had just closed the Cinema Village at like 5:00 pm told me he wanted to get started BICYCLING to Brooklyn before the storm got too bad.

Closing the subway has been about Snake Plissken style containment, the fact that the upper classes are out of town and do not need service, the MTA planned to close 1/2 the subways on the last weekends of August for track repairs, the other 1/2 would have been non functioning anys owing to the rain, and Micheal Bloomberg's plans to run for president on his record here.

This lockdown has nothing to do with protection of the citizenry and EVERYTHING to do with the intersection of power, politics and money. Know it.