Sunday, August 28, 2011

B Cup is open

And no line! Avenue B and 13th Street. Let us know what else is open in the comments... Photo via faces.


Crazy Eddie said...

Iiggy's Pizza 10th and First, # 1 Chinese at 15th and First. Ave B and 14th ST Deli.

Anonymous said...

Supper is open according to their twitter ... 2 for 1 for mimosas, bloody mary and beer all day

Anonymous said...

lots of places; two places to get good coffee on 1st street inbetween 1st & 2nd ave; most of the Ukrainian places seem to be open; the Indian place with all the spices, nust & dried fruits inbetween 5th & 6th street on 1st ave; bodega at 7th street.

Anonymous said...

van leewen on 7th / 2nd is open :)

Dr Gecko said...

There is no Indian place with all the spices on 1st Ave between 5th and 6th Street. There's a Bengali place (from Bangladesh, the country, not from Bengal, the adjacent state in India). Show some respect, man.

nick bodor said...

Cake Shop on Ludlow open for coffee and booze.

Anonymous said...

Criff Dogs
Kebob Garden
San Loco

Anonymous said...

Trusty St Mark's Market been open since yesterday.