Monday, August 29, 2011

Stop work order at 328 E. Fourth St.

On Friday, the city issued a partial stop-work order here at the formerly historic townhouses at 326-328 E. Fourth St. ... photographed on Saturday...

According to the DOB, there was a complaint that the debris on the new top floor wasn't secured... thanks to a tipster for passing along this photo...

More upscale housing is coming here with two new floors courtesy of developer Terrence Lowenberg and Ramy Issac, the penthouse king of the East Village.

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Anonymous said...

Thanks to the person who sent this along and thanks to the person who called DOB. If you see shoddy or illegal construction in the hood call DOB. We might not be able to stop people like Icon realty, but at least we can make their lives a bit difficult as they have made ours miserable. Anyone know how they are getting away with running the illegal hotel on east 10th?