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Thursday, October 31, 2013

Let's look at 15 new East Village residential buildings

We got a look yesterday at the new residential complex (above, duh) coming to the former Mary Help of Christians lot on Avenue A between East 11th Street and East 12th Street... in the comments, bowboy asked about putting together a post showing renderings of all the new buildings going up now in the neighborhood.

An instant request.

Per bowboy:

Seems like they all look the same — boxy, two-tone red & grey, overlapping setbacks of squares. 50 years from now will the all neighborhood look like this? And will preservationists be screaming to save these tetris models? Did architectural creativity die this decade?

Well, let's take a look... Here are several developments still under construction (or, in the case of Jupiter 21, recently completed). A few things. These are residential only (sorry 51 Astor Place) ... and new buildings (no conversions of former nursing homes like Bloom 62 or rooftop additions like 205 Avenue A). Also, we have yet to see any renderings for 185 Avenue B at East 12th Street.

And here we go...

Jupiter 21 on Second Avenue...


84 Third Ave.


The Jefferson, 211 E. 13th St.


Alphabet Plaza, East Second Street and Avenue D


98-100 Avenue A (conceptual rendering)


500 E. 14th St. at Avenue A (conceptual rendering)


316-318 E. Third St.


427 E. 12th St.


227 E. Seventh St.


331 E. Houston St. at Ridge


154 Second Ave.


327 E. Ninth St.


41 Fourth Ave. at East 10th Street (conceptual rendering)


277 E. Seventh St. at Avenue D


Phew. Thoughts? Winners? Losers? Oh. And Happy Halloween.

Monday, March 25, 2013

Prepping for the new 6-floor residence on East Seventh Street

Taking the time to check in on a few construction projects... Last week, we looked at the start of the digging for a new 6-floor building at 327 E. Ninth St. ... and 316-318 E. Third St.

Here's an update on another new 6-floor building — 227 E. Seventh St. near Avenue C... DOB permits show that each floor will contain one residential unit. (And we have not seen the final rendering just yet.)

Until then...

The sign says that the work be complete by March 31, 2014.

In late October, the body of Christine Ebel, the co-owner of Arcane, which is adjacent to the property on Avenue C, was found in this lot.

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Here's what's left of the former 227 E. Seventh St.

Thursday, March 21, 2013

3 new floors for 31-33 Second Ave.; extension for neighboring building as well?

Work continues at 31-33 Second Ave., where developer Ben Shaoul received the OK from the city in January to add three floors to the existing building. (When we broke the story last June, the permits were still pending approval.)

Plans on file show that workers will remodel the existing commercial space on the ground floor ... remodel the existing apartments on the 2nd and 3rd floors ... and add on top of the existing building. Each floor will contain two apartments.

Meanwhile, a tipster passes along word that there's an extension planned as well for 23-27 Second Ave., above the former Second on Second, the 10-year-old karaoke bar that closed in January. However, there's nothing yet on file with the DOB to back up these claims...

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Tuesday, March 19, 2013

Checking in on 427 E. 12th St., future home of a 6-floor Karl Fischer-designed apartment building

We haven't checked in on 427 E. 12th St. since February 2012. This is the six-story Karl Fischer-designed apartment building that we first mentioned back in July 2011.

At last look in early 2012, there were support braces in the muddy (and long-dormant) pit to help prop up 425 E. 12th Street... and complaints to the DOB about the construction causing "damage to phone lines at 429 E. 12th St. and cracks in bathroom walls."

These days, the building appears has finally reached that sixth floor, and looking like this...

DOB documents show two units each on floors two through five, with one apartment on the sixth floor... there's also mention of a "recreational area" on the roof.

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427 E. 12th St. back from the dead?

Wednesday, August 8, 2012

Here are 17 current East Village construction projects, bringing in 534 new residential units

Does it seem as if there's a lot of new construction going on in the East Village these days?

To me, there's more going on now than any other time in the five years that I've done this site.

So here are all the current projects in one post.

But a few things first. I didn't include commercial ventures such as the Hyatt Union Square ... or other non-commercial jobs such as St. Brigid's (but I did include 51 Astor Place — mostly because of its size and scope and neighborhood-changing potential).

I also didn't include rumored construction sites, such as Mary Help of Christians, which likely faces the wrecking ball one day... or partial building rehabs...or jobs that haven't started in earnest just yet, such as 33 Second Ave. and 227 E. Seventh St.


219 E. 13th St. (aka, The Mystery Lot)
What: 8 stories, 82 units of residential. Plus retail on the East 14th Street side.

..and the plywood went up on the East 14th Street this week...

74-84 Third Ave. at East 12th Street
What: 9 stories, 94 units of residential. Plus retail.

51 Astor Place (aka The Death Star)
What: 12 stories, all commercial; some educational use.

[Bobby Williams]

27 E. Seventh St.
What: Interior demolition and gut rehab of former rectory for the pastor and priests of the Order of Saint Basil the Great; later the illegal hotel the Village Inn. Conversion to residential. Per the DOB, there will be 11 units of residential.

[From April]

21 E. First St. (aka the former Mars Bar) at Second Avenue
What: 12 stories, 65 units of residential. Plus retail.

154 Second Ave.
What: Conversion of former funeral home into residential; plus addition of 3 new floors. 12 units of residential (still confirming final number). Plus retail.

[Terry Howell]

331. E. Sixth St. (aka Chez Schwimm)
What: Demolition of formerly historic townhouse; new 6-floor single-family mansion for David Schwimmer

427 E. 12th St.
What: 6 story, 11 units.

130 E. Seventh St. at Avenue A
What: Per the DOB: "Convert portion of existing commercial building to general residential use on floors 4 thru 7 ... reconstruct portion of existing penthouse."

315 E. 10th St.
What: Conversion from nonprofit use to residential. 9 units of residential. Plus one additional floor for penthouse apartment.

[Bobby Williams]

526 E. Fifth St.
What: Conversion of three-story multiple-dwelling building to a single-family residence

185 Avenue B at East 12th Street
What: 7 stories, 40 units of residential. Plus community facility and church.

[Demolition of the former theater via Kimberly Fritschy on Facebook]

542 East Fifth St. at Avenue B
What: Conversion of former Cabrini Nursing Center for Nursing and Rehabilitation into residential apartments (90 units). Plus retail.

710 E. Ninth St. (aka the Henry Street Settlement Day Care #3 building)
What: Conversion of former school into community facility plus 46 units of housing to serve homeless young adults and young adults aging out of the foster care system

[Bobby Williams]

316-318 E. Third St.
What: Demolition of formerly historic townhouse; construction of 7 stories, 33 units of residential

326-328 E. Fourth St.
What: Conversion of former two-building artist collective; addition of two floors and 18 units of residential.

...and the doorway...

[EVG reader Steven]

101 Avenue D
What: A community facility, the HQ for the Lower Eastside Girls Club, retail space and 78 affordable and market-rate rental units of residential.

If my math is any good (not really), then this makes 17 construction projects ... with an estimated addition of 534 residential units...(and various retail space).

Any construction projects/developments that I missed?

Friday, February 10, 2012

[Updated] Reader report: Construction worker falls on East Ninth Street

Via @guywasko
Construction worker falls over 15', hitting another worker. FDNY to bring man down on ladder. 9th & Ave C

Workers are converting the former Henry Street Settlement Day Care #3 between Avenue C and Avenue D into a community facility space on the ground floor... the upper levels will house 46 units (28 studios and 12 one-bedroom apartments). The housing will serve homeless young adults and young adults aging out of the foster-care system. An additional 12 units will be set aside for young single adults with a child.

Updated 3:57 p.m.

EV Grieve reader Mike sends along a message from Notify NYC — "Emergency personnel are on the scene of a partial structural collapse near East 9th Street and Avenue C"

Updated 4:04 p.m.

@ruthie06 notes that Ninth Street is full of emergency-response vehicles. "Looks like the ambulance parked on the NE corner of 9th/Ave C. Eerily calm."

Updated 4:11 p.m.

Per the DOB website, filed this afternoon:

Updated 4:16 p.m.

Via @ruthie06 — "the calm was just interrupted by the ambulance whizzing by, sirens ablazing."

Updated 7:10 p.m.

Photos via Bobby Williams...

Updated 7:15 p.m.

DNAinfo reports that the worker "sustained minor injuries to his head just before 3 p.m., when he fell from one stairwell landing to another."

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Monday, August 29, 2011

Stop work order at 328 E. Fourth St.

On Friday, the city issued a partial stop-work order here at the formerly historic townhouses at 326-328 E. Fourth St. ... photographed on Saturday...

According to the DOB, there was a complaint that the debris on the new top floor wasn't secured... thanks to a tipster for passing along this photo...

More upscale housing is coming here with two new floors courtesy of developer Terrence Lowenberg and Ramy Issac, the penthouse king of the East Village.

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