Thursday, August 11, 2011

Mattress Mobile spotted on Avenue B

Photo by @jcpatel

Have bedbugs will travel!


shmnyc said...

Do they go around collecting mattresses? That's gross. It looks like he tore the plastic off too. Well, no better time than now to plug the Bedbug Mattresses group on Flickr!

glamma said...

i heard that they take these things and refurbish them and re-sell them at places like sleepy's!

it was 2003 and i was at my old loft on east 3rd street. i had gotten a new mattress from a friend and had dragged mine out to the curb. i was a little worried about whether i was disposing of it properly and hoped i wouldn't get a ticket for putting it out on the wrong day or something. the day turned into a wild night out and even a wilder house party, as i was often incliend to throw. at 6 am, myself and three friends decided to go up to the roof to watch the sunrise. as we lay there drinking our beers and enjoying the world around us, a van pulled up. fascinated i watched as they flung open the doors, grabbed my mattress and quickly hoisted it onto a pile of other mattresses before speeding off to the next one. it was so fast the van hardly pulled to a full stop and i felt i was witnessing some weird underside of the world - a parallel universe where everything makes perfect sense, yet no sense at all.

viva new york!

Goggla said...

Where can one get a trustworthy mattress? I've not had one for over ten years and my bones are finally starting to hurt...but I'm terrified of bedbugs.