Tuesday, August 2, 2011

Mediterranean-style bakery opening on East Ninth Street

Yesterday morning, Dave on 7th passed along word that a new bakery is opening on East Ninth Street between Avenue A and First Avenue. (433 E. Ninth St. to be exact.) Looks like the name will be Zucker.

Meanwhile, DNAinfo checks in with a story... turns out the space will be a "Mediterranean-style bakery serving up gourmet cookies" run by Zohar Zohar.

According to DNAinfo, "Zohar attributes her style of cooking to her grandparents — Polish and Czechoslovakian Jews who brought a European sensibility to their cuisine when arriving in to Israel." Her friend Johnny Iuzzini, the head pastry chef at Jean Georges, is serving as an adviser.


Jeremiah Moss said...

enough already with the gold-foil lettering! though i'm glad that sign-making guy is getting work, does EVERY new business in the EV/LES have to have this? it has become a sign of pretension.

gecko said...

So Poland and Czechoslovakia are (or were) on the Mediterranean? Is this something to do with global warming? Not to mention that whenever you see "European," it's usually a euphemism for Russian, or at least something in the former Soviet orbit.

Anonymous said...

Silly me - no art either!