Friday, August 26, 2011

Muzzarella Pizza ... and what the East Village is not

Eater is running a new feature in which the editors solicit some non-foody, farm-to-table foodapalooza restaurant suggestions from readers, who have the chance to highlight the essential, unglamorous places that we need more of here and everywhere ...

Yesterday, an Eater reader gave props to Muzzarella Pizza on Avenue A just south of 14th Street. It soon became less of a restaurant review and more of a battle cry... thought it was worth noting... in part:

The East Village that I know and love is not the glitzy $15 cocktails and $20 two-bite snacks. ... It’s not a happy-hour hangout for Murray Hill finance investors. It’s not a place for mommies with strollers sipping $7 lattes. It’s not a high-rise glass tower blocking my sunlight. Muzzarella Pizza is everything that the East Village used to be and is losing at an alarming rate.

Muzzarella's pizza never quite gets that kind of response from me... but I appreciate and understand the sentiment. I have those moments more often than I'd like.

Read the whole post here.


Anonymous said...

This is where I ate my first slice of New York pizza!

j.b. diGriz said...

I totally get the sentiment, having spent a lot of my life in the neighborhood. But people shouldn't misconstrue your salient point to mean an endorsement for muzzarella's. It's not the worst pizza you'll find around here, but it's not particularly good either.