Tuesday, August 2, 2011

Mysteries: Why was there a Sizzler balloon outside 35 Cooper Square?

So we spotted this yesterday wedged under the fence at the former 35 Cooper Square — a balloon for Sizzler! The nearest Sizzler is in Forest Hills.

Perhaps developer Arun Bhatia had Sizzler officials here to sell them on anchoring the ground-floor space of whatever goes up here. Or! More seriously! It's just a random balloon that ended up here. Still.


Goggla said...

Envisioning a Sizzler on that corner - LMAO.

Anonymous said...

well, remember what they said about the 2nd ave deli. there's a chase bank there now. lol. so watch what you say/comment.

Anonymous said...


This is clearly a Sizzler balloon. I'm checking with the owner of the Forest Hills restaurant to see if it might be theirs. Thanks for sharing.