Sunday, August 21, 2011

Report: fake real estate agent soaks 2 people for security deposits

From the NYPD Daily Blotter in the Post today:

An East Village real-estate agent turned out to be one big phony, authorities said. Renato Bardini, 48, showed an apartment seeker a place on East Third Street near First Avenue last month, authorities said.

The victim wanted to move in and gave Bardini a $500 security deposit and a $75 “application fee.”
The faux agent also showed the apartment to another victim, who gave him more than $3,000 for rent, deposits and fees.

It’s not clear how the fraudster accessed the apartment. Bardini was charged with third-degree grand larceny, scheming to defraud and petit larceny.


Lux Living said...

More soaking? I thought Jeremiah covered this already ;)

Ken from Ken's Kitchen said...

Only $500 for a security deposit on an EV apt? That should have raised some alarm bells right there.

Anonymous said...

I always wonder about that Billy guy who constantly has ads up for apartments for rent in buildings on 13th between A and First. When you go there they take you to other buildings. There are never apartments in the buildings they put the ads on. Anyone else dealt with them? I looked at one of the apartments they took us to with a friend but didn't take it. Seemed weird.

apartment lease form said...

The security deposit belongs to you and when you move, you should get it back if you've taken care of the rental. If you give most landlords respect and have tried to follow the rules of the contract, you have good reason to expect that they will do the same. Before taking legal steps, try to negotiate with them.

Anonymous said...

My friends were JUST scammed by this guy! He goes by the name Ray Bardi but still hands out cards from Souvenir Realty on Hester!!!!

Anonymous said...

He's still at it, I almost fell for his scam if it wasn't for this article.