Friday, August 19, 2011

Restaurant (turnover) row on First Avenue

Yesterday, we noted that Veloce Pizzeria on First Avenue was "closed for renovations." Well! Matt Rosen at Neighborhoodr was first with the scoop last weekend ... Also yesterday! Grub Street got the word that they "will be relocating to midtown Manhattan sometime in 2012."

We also hear that the owners of Veloce Pizzeria might be keeping the space and trying another concept.

Meanwhile, there is a lot of restaurant turnover along First Avenue here between Sixth Street and Seventh Street:

L’asso EV is taking over the Bonjoo space.

• wd~50 pastry chef Alex Stupak is opening Empellon, "a fine-dining Mexican restaurant," at the former Counter.

Filipino pop-up restaurant Maharlika is the fourth restaurant to try 111 First Ave.

What gives here?

Of course, there was Teresa's, the always-reliable (and affordable) Polish diner at 103 First Ave. (which was/is Veloce Pizzeria) that closed in May 2007 ...

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