Thursday, August 18, 2011

RIP New York Press; welcome back Our Town Downtown

Over at the Observer, Kat Stoeffel reports that Manhattan Media is shuttering New York Press and, on Sept. 1, relaunching Our Town Downtown — "a magazine/community newspaper hybrid."

In a telling statement, Publisher Tom Allon said: "Downtown has changed, it's more ripe for a community paper than an alternative paper."

Here's more from Mr. Allon:

"It'll compete with the Voice for hipsters, Downtown Express for community activists, and New York magazine for intelligentsia who care about real estate and their home values."


Read the whole Observer piece here.


dmbream said...

Isn't there some adage about this?

"When you try to please everyone, you please no one."

Godspeed, NYP!

Richard D James said...

I am actually interested.

The current identity (basically a "me too" to the Village Voice) wasn't working.

Anonymous said...

So what did work? A snarky, hipper than thou, pile of crap with right wing "libertarian" politics that ushered in and welcomed gentrification?

clayton 161 said...

The NY Press died when John Strausbaugh and Sam Sifton left the paper.

Janos said...

The NY Press was basically unreadable for the last year. Even their movie reviews were terrible.
They did produce Matt Taibbi in their heyday.