Saturday, August 2, 2008

Enjoying the great outdoors

This week's issue of Time Out New York has a cover story on 25 things to do outdoors in New York City before the summer ends. I didn't actually read the article. But I do like the outdoors! And lists! So I decided to make my own list of things to do outdoors before the summer ends.

1. Drink.

Feel free to add any suggestions. (Ideas more creative than "shoot a Yunnie" get bonus points!)


Anonymous said...

Stay indoors and avoid the yunnies -- we're outnumbered --ahrghhhh, and party like it's 1999, when the yunnies were outnumbered.

Anonymous said...

How about doing a scavenger hunt in the EV? We can dressed like sorority girls, in tight tees, walk up to a precint, have our picture taken by the NYPD, go bother a homeless and a crackhead, ask them for directions, and top it off by having a booty dance off. We then blog about it, stating that we love NY, get some criticisms for being offensive, apologize for our inane and infantile bahavior, rally people to our cause and feel victimized by the criticisms, be overly strung and claiming them to be harassment. Oh wait, this has been done before. Nevermind.

Anonymous said...

How about "Read" or "Eat"? Or maybe both at once like, "Read a book while eating a hotdog (while sitting somewhere, obviously)".