Wednesday, December 16, 2009

(Updated) The Copper Building residences are looking rather...drab

Two listings popped up for the Copper Building on the Manhattan Management Group Web site. (And I'm assuming that it's the Copper Building on 13th Street and Avenue B: While no address is listed, how many other new condos in this neighborhood have a zen garden, a virtual doorman and are offering to cover common charges and taxes for the first two years?)

Anyway, some of the Copp's early renderings did look awfully nice and luxurious, such as:

And now check out the photos via the listing for the 850-square-foot one bedroom (on the fifth floor, and going for $790,000):

It looks pretty dull and drab. What's with the single lightbulb hanging in the kitchen? And what's with the tinted plastic covering half the windows? (Is this to frustrate the potential peepers?)

Anyway, according to Streeteasy, there are 10 active listings...and eight listings in contract.


Apparently the photos above are phonies.... per the comments at Curbed...

Hi Curbedsters and friends. These are not photos of the project. What this is, is a small RE sales company using our name and photos of a different project to obtain client via their website. I would be happy to bring anybody into the project at anytime to see the work that is being done. Please know that these photos are not of our property "The Copper Building" just a scam to trick buyers. Call me at anytime 212-321-7113 my Name is Brian Meier and I have been working on the building for two years now. I would be happy to give you all a personal tour of the property you will see that we look nothing like the photos presented

As Curbed noted, the photos have already been pulled from the Manhattan Management Group site.



Jeremiah Moss said...

hey, what happened to all that shiny zebra-wood?

Bowery Boogie said...

photoshop not used in the second batch.

Anonymous said...

These apartments are perfect for people with no intention of hanging art on the walls because there ARE no walls.

Wait until they find out they can only watch TV or use their computers after the sun sets.

Jill said...

The covering up of the windows is hysterical, proving the point that these windows are not only impractical, but undesirable.

Why anybody in their right minds would pay top dollar to sacrifice wall space for windows that look out onto other people's windows, or even onto their roofs.

You not only sacrifice hanging art on the walls, but also space for bookshelves.

Which leads me to the conclusion that anybody who buys one of these places is buying it only as an "investment" or has no inner life.


Is the little Arman Violin sculpture part of the deal?