Monday, December 20, 2010

Miracle on 34th Street, sort of

EV Grieve reader Crazy Eddie passes along this shot taken between First and Second Avenues... The MTA broke out the vintage rides for the holidays... And look — even the old buses don't get respect ... someone is parked in the bus lane!

Meanwhile, BoweryBoogie caught the holiday nostalgia train here.

While the buses and trains are vintage... the MTA is charging what fares are expected to be in 2020: $71.25.

Just kidding on that last part. (I hope.)


Anonymous said...

MTA can take this feeble attempt at holiday cheer and shove it up its poorly-managed ass. What could be more pointless. The last thing people need from the MTA are acts of nostalgic whimsy. What they really need are trains and buses that keep to something that resembles a schedule. They need a transit authority that is at least well managed enough so as not to require a fare increase every other fucking year. This Christmas, eat shit MTA.

Anonymous said...

Why do you still link to Bowery Boogie, the site is completely not user-friendly anymore and annoying as hell to read! Sucks, cause the content is good like yours.

blue glass said...

and how much of OUR money did it cost to have these (i'll admit wonderful but so what) old trans and buses?
i'd rather they put on more local buses and lowered the cost of all public transportation.
multi-color guides, maps, greetings and old time music doesn't cut it today.