Monday, December 6, 2010

More dessert for former Ben & Jerry's space?

Paper is up at the former Ben & Jerry's space on Third Avenue and NYU... which closed back in September, as Jeremiah reported. (Ben and Jerry's closed, not NYU.) There aren't any permits on file for this space... still, it appears some work has been going on here... Prime location.... Can't imagine that we're in for any surprises here... It has to be dessert related, don't you think?


esquared™ said...

it'll be a gourmet infused artisanal dessert place, with the possibility of applying for a liquor license to serve its bubbletinis

VH McKenzie said...

I patronized this B&J only once - I just caved when my two girls begged me to go in for a cone.

If I recall correctly, EACH measly ice cream cone cost more than ONE PINT purchased at the bodega around the corner.

My head almost exploded.

No wonder they went outta biz.

Anonymous said...

They had a sign on the outside saying they went out of business do to the recession...I wanted to jump in and say "no, you're out of business because sundaes and cones is 100 times better"

Anonymous said...

Yeah but the other ice cream parlor doesn't use hormone free dairy while Ben & Jerry's does.

Ben & Jerry's is a socially responsible company on many levels.

People need to understand the health ramifications of eating animal products that are filled with hormones,
particularly women.

The hormones found in meat, dairy and eggs are directly linked to breast cancer.

I don't believe that Sundaes and Cones uses hormone free dairy. Ben and Jerry's is better quality and a better company.

Some day it will be illegal to pump animals up with hormones.