Tuesday, December 14, 2010

Washed-up Carne Vale officially now a laundromat

Former Avenue B irritant Carne Vale between Forth Street and Third Street is now a laundromat...

Next door, China 1 is changing concepts... and across the street, Le Souk is gone (for the most part!)... Regardless, one longtime Avenue B resident told me that life along here is "100 percent" better since Le Souk shuttered in late October of 2009.

Seems like awhile since all the noise hoopla along here... As The Villager reported in December 2005:

Inundated by complaints about noise from raucous bargoers and taxi horn honking, police blitzed Avenue B with a full-scale “shock-and-awe” operation last Friday night.

Blanketing the avenue with 25 to 30 officers on foot, in patrol cars and vans — as well as on horseback to provide visual presence — police targeted quality-of-life and moving-vehicle violations from 8:30 p.m. to 4:30 a.m., issuing a total of 99 summonses, making two arrests and towing seven cars.

And a few photos by Bob Arihood taken outside Le Souk accompanied the article...

[Photos by Bob Arihood/The Villager]

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