Thursday, December 2, 2010

What a $25 rental from 100 years ago should cost today

Yesterday, we did a now-and-then at 224 Avenue B... from 1909 to today...rents then were going for $25 a month.

In case you missed the comments. Lisa asked what the rents were going for today.... It just so happens there are two two-bedroom apartments on the market now at 224... one is $2,395; the other is $2,295.

And Esquared produced the handy-dandy inflation calculator. So, $25 in 1909 is equivalent to $589.50 in 2009. Inflation calculators don't take into account East Village inflation ....

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Anonymous said...

complicated little box to type in
but $2,395/$25 is 95.30
this means $1 is $93
best to take a bit of care
and do simple reasoning

if was $25 and today it is $25hundred
then ...