Tuesday, April 13, 2021

Cooper Union's Urban Umbrella

In case you haven't been by Cooper Union's Foundation Building lately ... in recent weeks, workers have finished surrounding the building with the more aesthetically pleasing Urban Umbrella scaffolding ... fitting for this landmark
Work permits point to a "renovation at the fourth floor."

The Urban Umbrella, made of recycled steel and translucent plastic panel, made its first NYC appearance in the fall of 2017.


Anonymous said...

more scaffolding shit.

Gojira said...

This design should be made mandatory for any building that wants to put up scaffolding. Than you, Cooper Union, for taking this route, rather than the cheapest and ugliest.

Anonymous said...

This elegant, adaptable design was created by a Korean architect, Young-Hwan Choi, while a student at the University of Pennsylvania. He now practices architecture in New York City.


Unfortunately, the Urban Umbrella corporation does not deign to mention the creator of its product, Young-Hwan Choi.

Anonymous said...

As scaffolding goes, this is the best model. There are lights, which help a lot at night.

Marcos said...

This is better than the majority of scaffolding but it still isn't great. The lofted scaffolding found at 57th St and 5th Ave is the pinnacle of scaffolding.


Obviously scaffolding is needed during construction but I'd like to see permanent netting or permanent lofted scaffolding approved as alternate ways to comply with Local Law 11. I think either is superior to the de facto permanent scaffolding that's installed when a building cannot afford inspection and repairs.

Anonymous said...

There are several buildings nearby which are also using this system. Cooper Union may have seen it above those sidewalks and inquired

Anonymous said...

Thank you for considering the aesthetic of this neccesary structure.
As a lifelong resident, I have never seen such lovely design and implementation of scaffolding, gorgeous!
Whoever designed and implemented this is doing God's work. The more I interact with this, the more I secretly hope it never goes away, and remains here beyond completion of work.
If this were a Broadway show, rest assured you would be called out for the audience to look at you once again, standing there, on a stage, clapping, whatever, before you go into the nights abyss.
Shout out to Key Foods, woop woop!

Anonymous said...

It's still scaffolding, but it looks alright.

Anonymous said...

Hope to heaven its not permanent. Ugh, lipstik on a pig

Anonymous said...

it's for at least a year. the top part of the building is crumbling

Anonymous said...

Less falling stuff on head madness