Tuesday, April 20, 2021

A print edition of the Village Voice is now out

At the beginning of the year, The Village Voice, the city's iconic weekly paper that folded in 2018 after a 50-plus-year run, returned online with new ownership in Brian Calle, the chief executive of Street Media, the owner of LA Weekly

Calle told the Times that they'd be quarterly print editions... and the first one is apparently out this week...
Per the Voice's Instagram account:
Back in 2017 we stopped the print edition of the Voice. Turns out that, like Joe Biden, we just needed a few years off. Look for the Spring 2021 edition of the Voice, distributed to select boxes around town, retailers, eateries, bookstores, and apartment buildings.
Expect to see longtime columnist Michael Musto's byline again... he pens an Oscar night preview for the print edition (and online). 

I have not seen an issue out in the wild just yet. (A reader said she picked one up on Astor Place.) 

When the news of the brand's revival arrived in late December, there were warnings from the (now ex-) writers who worked for Calle's LA Weekly... describing it as a "zombie publication," among other things. (See this post for more.)


Anonymous said...

This is quite sad. Print for periodical media is over.

Pls don't @ me, I work in publishing and believe strongly in print—for books—but this effort is futile and will only result in litter and tears.

Anonymous said...

the voice comparing itself to joe biden? yeah, no

Anonymous said...

It is a good mix of articles. Less ideological than expected - it had become unreadable in its former guise. Will it be a free voice with dissent or a controlled dissent, a pseudo dissent funneled through an ideology?