Monday, April 19, 2021

ICYMI: Starting tonight, you can stay out until midnight at a bar or restaurant

Last week, Gov. Cuomo announced that closing times for restaurants and bars will be extended from 11 p.m. to midnight statewide beginning today. 

Per Eater
It's a minor win for restaurant and bar owners who have been calling on elected officials to lift the state's pandemic curfew for months and seen only incremental change. 

"It's great news," says one south Brooklyn bar owner, who requested anonymity in order to speak freely. "No curfew would obviously be better, but we do have to watch out for 'Cinderella Covid' which only comes out at midnight."

As Thrillist pointed out: "Subways are still out of service from 2 to 4 a.m., too, which could pose a challenge for hospitality workers trying to get home once the new curfew goes into effect."

And the reaction from Andrew Rigie, the executive director of the NYC Hospitality Alliance:

In February, Cuomo moved the closing time from 10 p.m. to 11 p.m.

Also,  the governor said that spectators will be allowed at horse and auto races at 20 percent capacity, beginning on Thursday... which is also the opening day for the spring season at Belmont

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anonymous said...

About time!!! They should consider a 1-2:00am closing for bars on the weekend!! I’m sure this idea won’t sit well with some people but so many places are are just trying to stay afloat!!!

Anonymous said...

so this creep just gets to harass his entire staff and cover up scandal after scandal with no consequence? that's really horrifying

Anonymous said...

Just make it 4am. The bars are becoming a packed shutdown slowly but surely. Its gonna happen at least let the workers make some money off of it

noble neolani said...

As long as bars are serving their clients outdoors the closing time should be 11PM.

Anonymous said...

open em up at normal capacity for those who are vaccinated and move most of these structures and restaraunts off the publically shared sidewalks and streets. Luckily finally pandemic money is available to them.

Neighbor said...

Time to return to the normal closing time of 4am.

anonymous said...

Yeah Man!!!

La vie est belle said...

Open subways 24/7 again. Then let bars stay open their regular hours, but close outdoor seating areas at 11pm so neighbors can sleep. Remove the silly Cuomo snack rule. Open bar seating only for those fully vaccinated with proof. Or how about "Covid is dead" nights admitting only those fully vaccinated!