Friday, April 30, 2021

First sighting of Amelia and Christo's 2021 red-hawk offspring

Goggla shares the first photo of Amelia and Christo's chick ... roughly one week after the reported hatching

While we want to respect the family's privacy at this time, EV Arrow has other ideas...
Urban Hawks caught sight of a second chick (find those pics and videos here).

As Goggla noted, there were three hawklets last year, so there's hope for No. 3 in the nest. Head on over to her site for more photos and videos.


ChippyChompers said...

Excellent news! Hoping for 3 birdie to hatch. Love spotting hawks around town. Anyone know anything about the hawks at Washington Square park? The NYU hawk cam on the next has been down for quiet some time now.

Goggla said...

@Chippy -

The WSP hawks have 3 eggs and Urban Hawks is providing periodic updates. He posted some video this week -

ed anger said...

Thanks for the updates as always.

The Belize Fund said...

Watching the chick puffing up when it eats is wonderful, hopefully there will be a few more in the near future.
Belize Fund