Wednesday, February 2, 2022

Local photographer opens door of former Tut at 189 E. 3rd St.

Photos by Stacie Joy

Seems like the storefront at 189 E. Third St. between Avenue A and Avenue B has been empty for eons.

In this case, eons = six years. As some neighbors may happily remember, the Marshal seized the hookah bar-restaurant Tut here at the end of January 2016.

The space was home for short stints to Lumiere and Casablanca in the previous two years.  

A hookah bar-cafe from the Tut team called Fire and Ice was in the works here later in 2016, but CB3 doused those plans.

Anyway! The other day, EVG contributor Stacie Joy got a look inside the tomb-like former Tut's... frozen in hookah time...
Not sure why this space hasn't attracted some sort of business (is it the doors?). It's an excellent retail block with Jane's Exchange, 3rd & B'zaar and Book Club steps away.


susan said...

this is in residential zone and has been empty for over 2 years--so reverts back to residential use. The residents on the block keep close watch on this.

Anonymous said...

i'd love to live there. bigger than my tiny studio across the street.

Anonymous said...

Residential block and they were a nightmare.