Tuesday, September 6, 2022

State seizes Sestina for nonpayment of taxes; owners cite 'technical difficulties'

Photos by Stacie Joy

Late last week, the state seized Sestina, the pasta restaurant at 67 Second Ave. for "nonpayment of taxes," according to the legal documents affixed to the storefront here at Fourth Street...
Plant-based celebrity chef Matthew Kenney opened Sestina in the fall of 2020, one of several restaurants he operates in the East Village.

The restaurant's Instagram account notes the following about the closure: "We apologize for the inconvenience for our technical difficulties. We will be back open very soon! We thank you for your understanding."

Meanwhile, Kenney just opened a Sestina in Culver City, Calif. 


Anonymous said...

I have "technical difficulties" with trying to walk by there when his restaurants have taken over almost the entire sidewalks, I'm so sick of it. They must be making a fortune.

Anonymous said...

How can they seize the property if it doesn't belong to the restaurant.
I was juror in a trial for backed rent of over 1 million dollar where the owner of a pizza shop in Time Square didn't pay rent for several years and was allowed to continue to operate. These people know every legal loophole.

Anonymous said...

They don't seize the property, they seize the business.

Anonymous said...

NY State dept. of Tax and Finance helping them out peelin' potatoes