Wednesday, September 7, 2022

The Museum of Reclaimed Urban Space turns 10

The Museum of Reclaimed Urban Space (MoRUS) is marking its 10th anniversary over the next few days.

Via the EVG inbox...
To celebrate this landmark year, MoRUS, along with partners The Anarchist Book Fair, The Emma Goldman Film Festival, Green Oasis Community Garden/Gilbert’s Garden, La Plaza Cultural Community Garden, Nublu, and Time's Up, is set to present a four-day slate of events revisiting some of the museum's most gripping films, in-demand workshops, beloved walking tours and dynamic speakers.

There are a lot of events. You can find more info at this link

Originally slated to open in mid-November 2012, MoRUS was forced to push back its grand opening date by a month due to flood damage from Hurricane Sandy. In the days following the storm, MoRUS created a cell phone charging station for the community using a bike generator lent to the museum by Time's Up!

MoRUS, which chronicles the East Village community's history of grassroots action and activism, is located at 155 Avenue C between Ninth Street and 10th Street. 


John Penley said...

Any chance you could say or do something about the poisoned water arsenic in the NYCHA houses? How about the massive rent increases and evictions in NYC now ? How about helping the Immigrants being bused to NYC from Texas ? How about the repeated gun violence at the NYCHA houses on Ave. D ? I could go on but what the hell throw another art show or party.

Anonymous said...

What a bunch of nonsense Penley.

Anonymous said...

Fantastic program! Very important works that reflect on past struggles to draw lessons for the present. Wow, so many courageous and inspiring acts by volunteer activists who made our world better: from bicycling to community gardens. LES played quite a huge role! Let's celebrate this spirit so as to keep renewing it!

Jared the NYC Tour Guide said...

MoRUSNYC has so much to be proud of. So much of the history they portray reveals that they are ahead of their time. I took two of their passionate, unique tours.